Digital Marketing

Designing the future with data

Two women discussing work in front of a computer in a modern office. | © Photo: Linkedin Sales Solutions /Unsplash

Turn visions into reality

Identify KPIs and develop strategies with effective digital marketing

Status, potential, prospects: Every company wants to know exactly where it stands, how efficient it is and where it can or should go.

Digital marketing is a key to this success-critical wealth of knowledge. Data is tracked and collected for business processes and the need for meaningful, profitable marketing of products in order to store it in databases in a way that adds value. The data can be obtained from newsletter campaigns, heat maps provide information about customer interest. Profiles can be created from this data, and interfaces between customer and product databases enable targeted sales activities. In this way, the data collected in digital marketing becomes a feedback tool that provides the sales department with feedback on buying interest and preferences so that information can also be channelled towards production.

Krankikom is familiar with all the possibilities that digital marketing opens up. Interfaces from the product database and the customer database to the website or app are integrated intelligently and reliably, and the data is made available for marketing. The result is a seamless digital chain that quickly and efficiently creates the transparency required to act promptly and plan strategically for the future.

The website is the linchpin for marketing. Experienced experts analyse and optimise data flows, Krankikom supports SEO, newsletter and social media campaigns and accompanies the entire customer journey.

Digital marketing - your road to success

  • Target marketing of your product and/or service
  • Data collection as a basis for creating profiles in the relevant target group
  • Effective interfaces for sales
  • Important feedback tool for analysing buying interest in order to optimise the product range