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Working at Krankikom

Group of coworkers enjoying a meal together in a casual office break room. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022

What we offer you

Flat hierarchies and agile work processes support independent and autonomous work. Exciting and challenging projects open up a varied range of tasks and plenty of scope for your own ideas.

We have an uncomplicated and informal atmosphere with no dress code and a culture of informal dialogue from interns to managers. Modern premises at the inner harbour with a large communal kitchen invite you to cook together and exchange ideas. 24/7 coffee, milk and water flat rate, flexible and hybrid work organisation are a matter of course for us.

Smiling young man with glasses playing a board game and reaching out. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022

How we work

We are committed digitalisers. We work in differently organised teams, sometimes project-, sometimes product-, then customer-focused. The teams are interdisciplinary. We work with methods from agile software development. This includes stand-up meetings and weekly reviews in projects.

By structuring our work well and standardising our processes, we remain open to meaningful individual solutions and innovations. At the same time, we create space for the transfer of expertise and personal development.

Man in a blazer using a tablet with wireless earbuds in a modern workspace. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022


We pay fair compensation


City of coal, steel and Schimanski: Duisburg


Flat hierarchies


Flexible working hours and 100% overtime compensation