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Online Learning & Testing

Online learning and testing are elementary components of future-orientated, high-quality training for everyone - anywhere and at any time.

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A man with a beard and glasses is working at a computer in an office and wearing headphones. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022

Internet of Things / Smart Office

The Internet of Things and smart office solutions help to bundle and control as many technical processes as possible with as little effort as possible.

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Man observing a 3D printer in operation in a creative office space. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022

Digital Marketing

Every company wants to know where it stands so that it can work out what its next goals might be. Digital marketing is an indispensable source for this.

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Two women discussing work in front of a computer in a modern office. | © Photo: Linkedin Sales Solutions /Unsplash

Ticketing Systems

More than 20 years of expertise with event databases and in smooth and cost-efficient ticket management.

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Hand holding a cinema ticket with popcorn and a soda in the background. | © Photo: @pressmaster / Freepik Licence