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We are digital.

Three people laughing and having a good time in a tech-oriented workspace with neon lights. | © Photo: Ilja Kagan, 2022

We develop the digital future. Since 1995.

Developing digital products and digitising processes - that is our mission. We are consultants and implementers, programmers and designers, marketers and technology experts. Together with our customers, we develop ideas and concepts, implement them and lead them to success. As a long-term partner, we also remain at the customer's side during the operation and further development of digital solutions.

Our Values

  • Create Passion
    We are open-minded and approachable. We are curious and passionate. For each other and for our customers.
  • Value Diversity
    We are diverse. In our nationalities as well as in our thoughts and actions. And that improves the end product.
  • Act Human
    Creating a good work-life balance is a top priority for us. Just like understanding each other.
  • Build Family
    Not only do we work together, we also share our lives and grow together - (almost) like a family.

Home is where the Heart is

Duisburg is a city of records. The largest inland harbour in the world. Nowhere else in Europe is so much steel boiled as here. Because this was also the case in the past, no other major city was fought over and destroyed in two world wars like Duisburg.

The remaining historical buildings were systematically demolished afterwards in order to create what was then considered a modern city during reconstruction. Today, Duisburg is by many criteria one of the poorest cities in Germany, including the East.

Fascinating Contrasts - Great Potential

Old industries and new developments, difficult neighbourhoods and great office locations, decline and rise: upheaval wherever you look. There are many who would find such contrasts highly off-putting. We find them fascinating.

A fully developed environment with a homogeneous economic structure may be attractive, but for us it is precisely the change that arouses interest: We recognise the potential and draw on it.

Location Ruhr Metropolitan Region: Crystallisation Point and European Hub

What's more, Duisburg's location factors are brilliant: Situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, in the centre of Europe's largest metropolitan region with over 10 million inhabitants, an extremely diverse and exciting cultural landscape.

It takes 15 minutes to get to Düsseldorf Airport, which is large enough to offer regular direct flights to every major European city, but still manageable enough to get from the car park to the gate in ten minutes. And Duisburg Central Station links all the major railway lines in north-west Europe. The motorway network is denser than that of Los Angeles.

You can't live for a long time in a really beautiful city – it takes all your longing away.

Elias Canetti
Bulgarian-British writer & winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

Exceptional People

Above all, however, we appreciate the type of people we are a part of here: Open, unpretentious, down-to-earth, international and hands-on. That's how we want to be. That's why we chose this city as our location. There is a lot to do here!

We have personalities with non-professional experience, be it in music, art or technology; people who are involved in voluntary work and take on responsibility in their circle of family and friends or in society. Krankikom is a melting pot where people not only think outside the box, but also take action.

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