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Engineering Dreams

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Customised complete solutions and flexible adaptations ensure success and attractiveness in the cinema business

From website design to online ticketing, programme input, content management and newsletters to bonus systems, we develop the foundations for a modern, customer-friendly cinema experience. In close co-operation with the customer, we implement proven solutions and develop new ones according to your individual wishes.

The complete Cinema product range from a single source

We have a long-standing collaboration with UCI-Kinowelt, which began back in 1999 when Krankikom was entrusted with the concept and design of the cinema website - a real novelty at the time and a significant milestone towards the cinema experience as we know it today.
In order to realise the dream of creating one of the largest and most successful cinema chains in a modern megaplex ambience, the leading minds at UCI were looking for a team that not only had the technical expertise and creative potential but also sufficient experience to implement this vision and found the right partner in us.

Since then, the UCI has remained loyal to Krankikom and several significant developments have been realised.

25 years of Krankikom - UCI, an incredibly long, but also entertaining, exciting and intensive period of co-operation... Professional support, always approachable and open to new ideas - if that's what you're looking for, Duisburg is the right place for you!

Georg Welles
UCI Multiplex GmbH

CMS, online ticketing, support and more

After a promising start to the collaboration between UCI and Krankikom, there was a real challenge to overcome in 2002: UCI introduced online booking in England and Ireland, which enabled seat-specific bookings for the first time and thus offered customers a previously unknown level of convenience when purchasing a ticket. 
In 2009, we jointly developed the Moviepoint system, a bonus programme that led to better customer loyalty.
In 2010, the first online booking apps in the area of multichannel applications came onto the market, and in 2018 we developed cloud ticketing for open-air cinemas. 

Things could actually have continued to run smoothly with many more projects - but then came 2020...

25 years of co-operation with Krankikom is a milestone that we are happy to celebrate. The collaboration has not only helped us to achieve our goals, but also to break new ground and implement innovative projects...and to be pioneers in many areas of the German cinema market. We...are grateful for the long-standing partnership, which has always been characterised by trust, openness and creativity. With a strong partner like Krankikom...we are ideally equipped for the future.

Mathias Maaßen
UCI Multiplex GmbH

Navigating risks and crises with agility and professionalism

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many industries faced an uncertain future and some collaborations were at a crossroads.
The cinema industry in particular was hit very hard - as were other cultural and entertainment sectors: the absence of audiences meant that financial and personnel losses were inevitable, ambitious projects and innovations were put on hold, contracts with business partners suffered severe cutbacks or were even cancelled completely. 
This showed once again how long-term and trusting cooperation can also overcome major crises. Shortly after the end of the lockdown, we implemented coronavirus bookings with an adjusted budget in the shortest possible time, making the film experience at the cinema possible again - albeit under certain conditions. 
Together, UCI-Kinowelt and Krankikom were able to overcome one of the biggest challenges in their collaboration and are now looking forward to many more successful business years together.

Products and services developed for the UCI

  • Website
    1998 Creation of a first homepage and continuous development since then
  • Online-Ticketing
    Precise booking for greater customer convenience
  • Apps
    All customer services in a mobile application
  • Moviepoints
    Bonus system to support customer loyalty
  • Newsletter
    Customised programme and information about your favourite cinema
  • CMS
    Conveniently and clearly record and manage data
  • Editorial
    All information on the latest films - from posters to texts and trailers
  • Support
    Cinema status and customer enquiries bundled at a central helpdesk

For the love of cinema

In fact, Krankikom's entire company history is almost inseparably linked to the cinema:
Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, the founders of Krankikom had the logical idea of what appeal a nationally available cinema programme could have for cinemas and customers alike.
UCI-Kinowelt quickly came on board and we were entrusted with the construction of an initial website, which has been continuously developed ever since. 
With online ticketing and apps, further important innovations were added and since then we have been working hand-in-hand with UCI-Kinowelt, so to speak. 
In years of marriage, our business partnership would now have reached its silver wedding anniversary, the relationship has almost reached gold status: open and friendly and full of respect, we have been implementing the visions that have made UCI-Kinowelt one of the largest and most powerful cinema chains and which we hope will remain so.
We have also survived an ultimate test of endurance together: During the corona crisis, including the lockdown and subsequent booking restrictions, we came even closer together and made the best of this really bad crisis - which has definitely broken the back of many an industry or business partnership - for all parties. 
Driven by our shared love of cinema and a passion for bringing films to life in the highest quality, UCI-Kinowelt and Krankikom have become two perfectly matched halves that are doing everything they can to keep cinema alive and modern.