Krankikom optimises the order overview for Kombiverkehr

From a stale form to a smart input mask

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Order overview quickly creates transparency of the delivery status

Around 30,000 orders per month in the database, from both large and small haulage companies, by water, rail and road: how can you guarantee an overview, if possible down to the minute? For Kombiverkehr, Krankikom has created an order overview with precise localisation of where the cargo is currently located.

Quick input, quick overview

More granular filters for large and small freight forwarders allow loading units to be found more quickly, while presettings help with the desired focus. This is made possible by a fast NoSql in-memory database, caching relieves the production system and enables faster response times.

User-friendly order monitoring - mobile access to real-time data

This saves haulage companies the time-consuming handling of forms for their orders and allows them to monitor their loading units - along their business process - from order receipt to order success.

Thanks to the connection to the tracking and tracing database, which is updated twenty times an hour, all data is available in a user-friendly way; the mobile view also contains all the information - throughout Europe.

Pimcore as a development framework offers future security

A middleware was programmed to retrieve the data from the production system, in which the caching and preparation of the data takes place. Krankikom used Pimcore as the development framework for the realisation in order to ensure future-proofing.

Successful digitalisation of logistics in long-term customer relationships

Krankikom implemented order data capture for Kombiverkehr back in 2015. What previously had to be requested from customers by agents, first recorded on forms and then transferred to the database, was successfully replaced by online booking. This resulted in significant savings: The data entry effort was minimised, coordination with the customer was made easier and incorrect entries were reduced. Krankikom's customer relationship with Kombiverkehr began with the digitalisation of forms.

Agile working methods as a driver for speed and efficiency

In order to bundle and sort the large amount of data in a meaningful way, to access and filter data that has already been collected, programming was carried out in close cooperation and in an agile manner along the processes.

Convenient and results-orientated: Dispatching capable of providing information at all times

This significantly increases convenience for hauliers and combined transport companies: dispatchers can interrupt the input process at any time, they can access similar orders and - based on the stored data - enter the new orders to be entered. Incoming orders are confirmed immediately and the status can be queried - a breakthrough in scheduling optimisation.