International Website Relaunch for ISUZU D-MAX

Successful in four countries

Blue ISUZU D-MAX pickup truck driving through a shallow stream in a lush countryside setting. | © ISUZU
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Krankikom realizes website for D-MAX with Pimcore

Thanks to the close cooperation between Krankikom and ISUZU Sales Germany, the customer base for the popular D-MAX pick-up model was expanded as part of an international website relaunch. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive website was designed and successfully implemented for four countries. Krankikom supplied everything from a single source. As a certified partner of the digital open source platform Pimcore, Krankikom not only provided ISUZU with comprehensive advice on the digital user experience (DXP), but also recommended and implemented the perfect solution for the satisfied customer.


The new D-MAX: Expansion of the target group and focus on lead generation and dialog

With the launch of the new D-MAX, the Japanese car manufacturer ISUZU wanted to expand its previous positioning as a proven and reliable commercial vehicle. The new D-MAX is more comfortable, safer and equipped with a wide range of assistants and should also appeal to a leisure and lifestyle-oriented target group. The focus was on generating leads and establishing a dialog with this target group.

To this end, a modern and appealing website was to be designed that would make the D-MAX stand out emotionally from the crowd. As the majority of the target group would access the site on mobile devices, the new website also needed to be optimized for mobile devices in particular.

The relaunch was to be implemented in four countries in different languages. Therefore, a multi-site and multi-language system had to be used to ensure that the content was available in the appropriate language for the respective target groups.

Comprehensive user and role management had to be implemented to enable smooth collaboration between the international teams.

The existing focus on the high-revenue business customer segment was to be further strengthened, while at the same time the new market segment in the lifestyle sector was to be developed.

The success of the implementation of our websites is based not only on the technical expertise of the team, but also on the friendly and respectful interaction between Krankikom employees. This is reflected one-to-one in our dealings with customers. As a customer, you feel well received here because you can sense that everyone loves their job.

Arndt Podzus
Head of Marketing at ISUZU Sales Deutschland GmbH

Everything from a single source with Krankikom

Before the website relaunch, Krankikom worked with ISUZU to develop all processes and requirements to ensure professional collaboration. Krankikom provided everything from a single source - from detailed consultation with the customer and the creation of an overall technical and media concept to the conception of layout designs and text adaptation, which was SEO-optimized. A progressive digital mindset was crucial in the development of the client's solution.

Pimcore is the optimal CMS solution

The CMS system Typo3 was used for the previous website. Such standard systems generally limit the functional and process-oriented degrees of freedom and therefore do not represent an optimal solution for the customer's requirements.

The open source platform Pimcore, on the other hand, offers an efficient basis for creating an individual technical solution concept. The use of Pimcore made it possible to meet ISUZU's customer wishes and requirements in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

Thanks to the modular concept, the customer is future-proof, as subsequent extensions and changes can be implemented at any time without any problems. Responsive components ensure a user-friendly user experience. Changes are applied directly in real time ("What you see is what you get").

Krankikom as a certified Pimcore partner

With a total of eight certified Pimcore developers in-house, Krankikom was the ideal contact for ISUZU for this project.

Person browsing the ISUZU D-MAX model selection on a laptop screen with the official website visible and a Pimcore Gold Partner logo

International cooperation and multisite system

In order to launch the website in four countries with different requirements that go beyond just language, Krankikom worked with ISUZU to manage the collaboration with international service providers. Translation management is completely straightforward with Pimcore: Thanks to the XML format XLIFF, translation data can be exchanged with minimal loss, allowing any number of country-specific websites and languages to be used.

Pimcore as the perfect solution for the customer

The successful implementation of the digital open source platform Pimcore by Krankikom enabled ISUZU to fulfill all requirements with one system and avoid a complex system architecture with several external interfaces.

With the Digital User Experience (DXP), Pimcore brings together everything ISUZU needs for a successful internet presence of the D-MAX and thus enables a seamless linking of marketing, sales and all underlying processes in the company.

Positive response on the market

The new ISUZU D-MAX website, which was redesigned for four countries, was very well received by the market. In particular, the excellent readability on mobile devices led to a significant increase in traffic and time spent on the websites. The relaunch was a complete success.