These days there is one topic – Covid-19 and its consequences.  We are doing everything to protect our employees effectively, to ensure reliable service for our customers and to steer our company through the crisis unscathed.

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Digital transformation

The digitalisation of all walks of life continues apace. Innovative start-ups are changing products, markets and services with ideas and capital.

This is something established businesses need to react to. They must continue to develop their tried and tested business models and processes to avoid being left behind and, more importantly, they must seize the opportunities which digitalisation offers.

Since 1995 we’ve been supporting our customers with ideas and their implementation so that they can successfully master the challenges posed by digital transformation.

We are seriously uncool!

If you’re cool, then you keep your distance. You react in a detached way. Nothing rattles you.

But that’s not us. We’re involved, committed, passionate, sweating blood at the heart of the matter.

Because that’s what helps our customers. And what they value about us. If something goes wrong, if something could have been done better, that doesn’t leave us cold. It eats away at us. It makes us dissatisfied. It makes us look for ways to do it differently next time. And that’s our driving force: always seeking improvement.

Our work is cool because we’re uncool.

Online Education

Online learning and testing is now the norm in many areas. But most solutions are still in their infancy, leaving plenty of scope for improvements by means of bespoke customer-specific applications.

Since 2006 we’ve been developing software for E-Learning and E-Assessment, by means of which whole aspects of education systems throughout the world have been digitalised. This comprises software for the standardisation of exam marking, awarding, an online private tuition platform, as well as a system for carrying out demanding examinations on screen both online and offline.

In addition, in 2012 and working with Talentsoft, we added an E-Learning suite with an unimaginable range of functions and possibilities to our portfolio, enabling us to produce standard applications cost-effectively and supplement them, when required, with customer-specific modifications.

If you’re interested, please speak to Michaela Hares, +49 (203) 30597-13, or send an email to

Transport & Logistics

For 20 years we’ve been developing website and app-based solutions for airports, airline portals, shipping, freight and railway companies, and other businesses in the transport and logistics sector. We focus on bringing together existing back end legacy systems with innovative, user-friendly solutions for the front end, using our own expertise in technology, UX Design and communication concepts.

Cinema Program

Film times, booking links and film content for more than 100 media. Our redaction team produces by far the most comprehensive cinema programme for Germany, updated every day, with more than 100,000 showings a week, film summaries, photos, trailers, booking links, a cinema database and lots of other content modules which can be expanded on request to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Cinema Online

Websites, apps, newsletter marketing and online services for more than 2300 cinema operators. Krankikom develops and manages bespoke cinema websites for some of the largest cinema chains in Europe. We offer medium-sized businesses competitive standard solutions. Our range of services also includes online booking, with more than 15 million tickets sold every year, and loyalty and voucher programmes.

If you’re interested, please speak to Oliver Kerstan, +49 203 30597-63, or send an email to

Content Management Systems

We’re very good at CMS. In 1995, even before the term was coined, we’d begun to develop Content Management Systems. We now cover the whole CMS spectrum, from simple website redaction to complex databases for content storage.

We’re not committed to just one piece of software, but work with a number of systems from which we select the most appropriate for each project. We solve standard requirements with standard programmes such as WordPress or Typo3. For more demanding tasks we develop individual applications on the basis of frameworks such as Zend and Angular. This means that we have a custom-made answer for every challenge. For yours too!

If you’re interested, please speak to Arne Rudolph, +49 (203) 20597-15, or send an email to

E-Commerce & Marketplaces

In Krankikom we take e-commerce seriously. We use Vendallion® for our B2C and B2B E-Commerce projects, along with its fully orchestrated omnichannel campaign management and marketing automation platform.

It is suitable both for standard e-commerce installations as well as for complex enterprise e-commerce and marketplace scenarios, with advanced ordering fulfilment needs and ERP/WMS/CRM integrations.

Drop us a line, and let our experienced consultants take you to your next step in your e-commerce business (or better: your omnichannel commerce business)

Krankikom´s history is rich in innovation.

Once upon a time the internet was a wee babe, and Krankikom was producing some of the first German websites. This was the year 1995. Since then we have produced over 650 Websites, Apps, and software applications.

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