We´re not into one night stands.

Our relationships with our clients last longer than many marriages. The reason is that we are aiming for real partnerships – and partnerships don´t work when the goal is to get as much as you can from the other.

You have to be genuinely interested in the welfare of your partners, stand up for them, and sometimes dispute things with them. At times, we might have the feeling that our commitment and affections aren´t being adequately reciprocated, and aren´t paying off. But we don´t focus on that. Rather, we focus on the satisfaction with our work – our own, and especially those of the clients.

We do not run away when things get difficult. If needed, we contradict our clients and have vigorous discussions with them, to avoid mistakes. We don´t give up on any of our projects, even if we find that the problems are not our fault.

We´re loyal.We´re the romantic types.