Krankikom, the digitalisation service provider based in Duisburg, achieved a new record turnover last year of 36 million Euros. New projects in the areas of online ticketing and online learning made a significant contribution to this success, as well as the conducting of more than 40,000 online examinations for the International Baccalaureate throughout the world. Krankikom also supports companies with the digital transformation of their business processes.

Krankikom’s customers are mainly located in Europe as a whole and only exceptionally in the Rhine-Ruhr region. Alexander Kranki, the company’s managing director, is a little surprised at this and comments, “The big companies based here assume that digital competence is more likely to be found in Berlin, Munich or perhaps Düsseldorf and not on their own doorstep.” He continues, “Interestingly, our customers from abroad often react very positively to our location and its associated advantages. In the immediate area, however, there is little awareness of these benefits, which is most unfortunate and also doesn’t really make a lot of sense.” As far as Duisburg’s changing image is concerned, Kranki is of the opinion that only pushing the envelope can help, and he is fond of signing off e-mails with “Best wishes from the beautiful city of Duisburg”. He also confirms that Krankikom will continue its commitment to enhancing the city’s image.

WestVisions was first held in Duisburg in 2016 and has now established itself as a high-calibre event with a powerful appeal extending far beyond the local area. Its development has been very pleasing, attracting 150 visitors in October and 280 in May, and it will be held for the third time at the Landscape Park Duisburg Nord on 18 October 2017. Krankikom has also sponsored the TARGOBANK Run and the Ruhr2NorthSea Challenge which took place last weekend.

Krankikom is planning to move to a new “smart office” building by the Schwanentor at the start of 2019. The building application has now been submitted and funding secured so that, once planning permission has been granted by the city of Duisburg, construction work can begin in the course of 2017.

Krankikom has been based at the Inner Harbour in Duisburg since 1995 where, along with its new location in Darmstadt, it employs a total of 120 employees in the fields of innovation consultancy and design and software development for the digital transformation of business processes.

If you have any questions about the company KRANKIKOM, please contact Marianne Pfeifer on 0203 / 30597-17.