Voluntary workers at Krankikom, the Duisburg internet agency, have created a website with the company’s support for making donations which meet actual needs.

The huge public commitment to helping the refugees drew the attention of some members of staff to a problem which they were anxious to help solve, and they’ve done so with the company’s support by creating the website werwillhelfen.de. In the present situation lots of people want to help the refugees, who are still short of many things such as clothing, everyday items and toys for example, but also active support. In the meantime many initiatives and aid organisations have been overwhelmed by the volume of donations and offers of help, the warehouses are full and sometimes the wrong things are received because no one knows exactly what’s actually needed.

That’s the reason for “Wer will helfen” (Who will help)!
The website brings together the initiative of some voluntary workers and Krankikom members of staff with the aim of helping to pass on donations and offers of help to meet the actual demands, so that what’s actually needed arrives where it’s needed. In this way we want to relieve the pressure on the many voluntary workers and enable help to reach refugees and others in need of help quickly and efficiently.

To achieve this, organisations, facilities and voluntary helpers can use the website to identify the actual need for donations or other support. Donors can find out what’s needed and then donate and help in a targeted way. This website can also be used by volunteers to draw attention to requests for help from other charitable areas over and above the refugee work.

Krankikom has around 100 members of staff originating from 14 countries qualified in 42 different areas of work. For Alexander Kranki, the founder of the company, this is a desirable development which has with no doubt contributed to a sense of empathy with the refugees amongst the staff: “Our business is constantly changing and we have to keep re-inventing ourselves. To do so we need people who enjoy learning and managing change proactively. Our different backgrounds make it possible for us to understand customers and their problems, to think tasks through thoroughly and to identify with them. We’re also pleased to deploy these strengths in this case to do something good which has no connection with commercial interests.“

Krankikom was founded in 1995 and, with an annual turnover of 14 million Euros, is one of the top 40 internet agencies in Germany. The company specialises in database-driven internet applications. Alexander Kranki, the founder of the company, made a conscious decision in favour of Duisburg and his business was one of the first to be based in the Inner Harbour.

If you’d like to find out more about KRANKIKOM, please contact Estelle Engels on 0203/30597-24. For information about werwillhelfen.de, send us an email to info@werwillhelfen.de