Whether it be training courses, seminars or events, professional event management is a requirement for many companies. With Veventix Krankikom has developed a modular system on the basis of which a wide range of requirements can be flexibly met.

All the most important information about this in an interview with Sandra Howe, our Product Manager:

Sandra, what was the decisive factor in the development of Veventix?

Sandra: Although all customers basically want the same thing- resource planning, management of participants, communication with customers and professional reporting – they always have very different requirements when it comes to the detail. This is why we wanted to approach this with a modular system.

Do traditional event management systems not deliver this?

Sandra: No, as a rule the flexibility of standard systems is very limited and you have to adapt your work processes to the software. This often results in having to make unsatisfactory compromises.

For example?

Sandra: One customer is wanting, for example, to book hotels for their participants in one go, a second wants an integrated billing system. Some also have to order material for their events, others want to enter data into the SAP software, organise a supporting program, or …. The ideas are as unlimited as the possibilities of our software platform. This gives our customers a competitive edge and efficiency gains in their daily work.

Why can’t other products do that?

Sandra: With most standard tools, it’s the product that comes first, not the customer. Care is taken to ensure a feature is well-received in general and not whether it would help one individual customer. But this is not in the interests of different users and their different requirements. That’s why we at Krankikom deliberately go about things in a very different way and ensure every solution is made to measure. And to do this we’ve developed the Veventix platform which has almost unlimited flexibility.

Thanks for talking to us, Sandra!


Sandra Howe has been project manager for the development of Veventix, a piece of events management software, at Krankikom since 2012. Previously she worked for Fraport AG for eight years with responsibility for producing the internal further training system for their 12,000 employees.