With immediate effect, hauliers and transport companies can now use a new modified online system to book containers, semi-trailers, swap bodies and also whole trains with Kombiverkehr KG, Europe’s largest service provider for intermodal transport. The company‘s customers complete data fields regarding relation, loading unit and all sorts of different special issues, many of which are inter-dependent. In order to make booking as straightforward as possible, however, the internet service provider Krankikom has placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness in the design phase.

The system is intended to be so easy to use for both occasional as well as frequent users that they will move from the customary fax or telephone to online booking, making procedures and further processing with Kombiverkehr a great deal simpler. Customers will find the system even more attractive with its additional functions such as tracking order processing, subsequent modifications to the order as well as cancellation and the automatic local caching of all information already provided. In a comprehensive pilot phase the booking system has been tested and perfected by very committed users before final online release.

As Peter Dannewitz, head of operations in the Frankfurt operation, says: “The modification of our booking application was, on the one hand, the product of many conversations with our customers which convinced us of the ever growing need for effective booking software. On the other hand, our current comprehensive product portfolio comprising dangerous goods handling, sea port management and customs handling gave us the solid base from which to provide our customers with a user-friendly application which hauliers can now use every day in their dispatch departments.”

And Alexander Kranki, Krankikom’s managing director, adds: “This was made possible simply by using current web technology. Most booking forms on the internet significantly fail to exploit the opportunities of this technology.”

About Kombiverkehr

Kombiverkehr Co. Ltd., a German Combined Transport company, was founded in 1969 and, as Europe’s number 1 operator in intermodal traffic, develops, organises and markets an international network making it possible for hauliers and transport companies to enjoy the benefits of the intelligent combination of rail, road and sea. To ensure the safe, economical and environmentally friendly transport of goods, Kombiverkehr provides more than 170 train departures with more than 15,000 connections per night throughout Europe. Some 230 national and international hauliers and transport companies are shareholders in the limited partnership company, as well as DB Mobility Logistics AG. In 2014 the company, based in Frankfurt am Main, shifted a total of 924,694 HGV consignments (1.85 million TEU) from road to rail, sparing the environment the emission of almost a million tonnes of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. A work force of 142 full-time employees generated a turnover of 434 million Euros in 2014.

More about Kombiverkehr at kombiverkehr.de