Duisburg. “Digital office on the banks of the Schwanentor” – this is the working title for Krankikom’s new company building. The new 7-storey office building with a total floor space of 4,500 m2 will be situated right next to the Steiger Schwanentor landing stage, at the interface between inner city and inner harbour, and building work will start from the middle of 2017.

The design by the architects Koschany + Zimmer based in Essen prevailed over two other proposals and takes up and varies elements of the surrounding buildings in this part of the Inner Harbour which are all very different. Axel Koschany, Managing Partner of KZA, emphasises that this is done “in both an appealing and challenging way”, adding more specifically: “At the same time the building is very innovative, meeting the expressed wishes of the users. The highlight is a printed facade which shines out in the evening from within. In addition the configuration changes at regular intervals.”

Alexander Kranki, Krankikom’s Managing Director emphasises, “We’re a very special company, which is why we want a very special building. The office building is, first and foremost, an expression of the value we place in our highly qualified and committed staff, and we involved them from the very beginning in the planning of the new building so that we could take their ideas and preferences on board. In our sector so many doors are open to them and we’re grateful that they’re working for us in Duisburg. So we’d like to offer them a home port where they’ll always be only too happy to tie up long into the future.”

The high-tech building to be constructed will, therefore, be designed to meet the current and anticipated future needs of Krankikom and other tenants, incorporating solar panels on the roof and charging stations for electric cars, the very latest network technology as well as energy-efficient heating and air conditioning complying with low energy use standards. The building’s self developed Home Automation technology will make it possible to control the temperature, the position of the blinds and the colour of the light from one’s work place – by smartphone app. The concept ‘digital office’ has a double meaning, representing a digital service provider using a digital building.

However, for Krankikom an office building is primarily also a place for communication, as Alexander Kranki explains, “You can work anywhere, but collaboration and the exchange of ideas demand a shared space conducive to dialogue and capable of inspiring.” So there are lots of shared working areas and facilities for all manner of team working. All areas are open plan and there are recesses between the different storeys. Desks will not be set up in formal rows and Krankikom’s staff will arrange the layout and decide on the furnishings according to their individual preferences.

Alexander Kranki  is sure of one thing: “To some extent it will also become an exhibition about ‘the modern world of work‘. A good twenty years ago we decided on Duisburg, the reason being the Inner Harbour. Now once again we’ve decided on this city where there’s so much to do. In this location, so important for urban development, we want to create something very special for Duisburg and celebrate our 25th birthday in a spectacular new building“.

Krankikom GmbH is one of Germany’s major internet service providers. The company has specialised in complex development and consultancy projects in digital transformation. It has been based in Duisburg since 1995.

Should you have any questions, please contact Marianne Pfeifer on 0203/30597-17 or Michaela Hares on 0203/30597-13.