Krankikom GmbH, the multimedia software business, has concluded its 20th year of operations with a record turnover of €33.2 M.

100 staff at the Duisburg Inner Harbour develop solutions for the digital transformation of the economy and e-commerce. The company is the market leader in several areas including digital booking systems for various sectors such as entertainment and logistics and, by way of example, more than 20 million cinema tickets were sold via Krankikom’s server in 2015.

The largest single project in the past year was the development of internet-based examination software commissioned by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) with its headquarters in Geneva and branches in Den Haag, Cardiff, Washington and Singapore. IB is a world market leader in internationally recognised school leaving examinations. After being trialled for a year, the software was first used in May 2016 for standard examinations in 46 countries.

In this connection Alexander Kranki, the company‘s Managing Director, emphasises the international orientation of his company which, at the same time, retains its close connections to its office in Duisburg. “We’re based in a city which finds itself a state of upheaval, a city where there’s still so much to achieve and so many problems to solve. This is exactly what gives us the strength to develop innovations which we then distribute worldwide with such great success.” Krankikom is also involved in developing a master plan for the economy in Duisburg.