Duisburg, 15.1.2019 Krankikom GmbH launched Orthomol’s website with the brand new version of Sitecore (Sitecore 9.1.) on 11 January 2019. From web design concept to programming, everything was in the hands of Krankikom, who created the website at top speed.

The micronutrient provider Orthomol based in Langenfeld has been one of Krankikom’s customers since the beginning of 2018. Almost at the same time, Krankikom became a partner of Sitecore, a leading global provider of content management and digital marketing solutions that deliver dramatic personalisation of content.

Hosting is carried out in Krankikom’s state-of-the-art hybrid cloud. This enables servers in our data centres in Düsseldorf to be combined with cloud services when necessary, in order to achieve complete data capture, even at times of extreme peak loads, and to deliver perfect performance.

Ingo Kräling, Digital Marketing Manager at Orthomol Pharmaceutical Distribution enthusiastically expressed the company’s gratitude for the quick implementation, saying: “A big thank you goes to the Krankikom agency in Duisburg who completed the whole website project from conception and creation to production and hosting in record time within 3½ months”. The website is also to be nominated for the Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award which honours outstanding personalised experiences that convince, inspire and support customers on their customer journey.