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April 2019

And what are we working on in 2019? Wait and see...

May 2018

We develop Cloud_Ticketing for open-air cinemas.

March 2017

For our new office, but also for our customers, we are developing exciting smart office technologies.

April 2016

Krankikom develops Veventix, a professional events management on a modular basis.  

January 2015

Krankikom develops an easy to use booking platform for multimodal transport for Deutsche Bahn’s subsidiary Kombiverkehr.

January 2014

The International Baccalaureate is provided with e-Examination software running completely on web technologies without the need for an online connection.

January 2013

Krankikom gets into e-Learning with exclusive marketing of e-Doceo, the market leading software in France.

January 2012

"myTutor" is the name of software we write for online tuition.

January 2011

We found Cineweb, the platform for small and medium-sized cinemas, in collaboration with S&L in Munich

January 2010

The first online booking apps prepare the way for multi-channel applications including several German and English cinema chains.

January 2009

UCI cinemas launches "Movie Points", its customer tickets programme, developed in collaboration with Krankikom.

January 2008

The 128 German Chambers of Commerce Abroad acquire a common intranet including a CRM system

January 2007

Software as a service, with web technologies as a platform: we develop the first Flash-based solutions with the functionality of traditional native desktop applications for AQA, an English examination awarding body.

January 2006

ODEON Cinemas acquires Europe’s first completely barrier-free cinema website

January 2005

The country-wide cinema programme is extended to include images, trailers and other multimedia content and marketed via various partners.

January 2004

The first health insurance web centre with legally binding online signature goes live for the Taunus-BKK.

January 2003

We write the first mobile applications in the i-mode standard for e-Plus.

January 2002

UCI is the first cinema chain in Great Britain and Ireland to offer online booking of tickets and choice of seat.

January 2001

We survive the dotcom crisis in Germany without major damage. Hurrah!

January 2000

The city of Hamburg commissions us to supply a digital foreign trade centre comprising the contents of the websites of various foreign trade associations.

January 1999

We develop our own redaction system, the Contentboxx, which we use for many years as a flexible platform for new projects.

January 1998

Düsseldorf International is the first German airport to have a website completely supported by a database including flight plans, developed by Krankikom.

January 1997

For the first time there is a cinema events calendar, listing 99% of performances in Germany, which we research each week and make available via the website cinema.de and Deutsche Telekom’s phone messaging service.

January 1996

Even before the web is available in Germany, we develop an online events database for leisure and culture.

January 1995

Krankikom is founded with an Atari ST computer, a PC and a desk.