Krankikom University

Learning and knowledge sharing is important

To stay innovative and up-to-date we believe in, and rely upon continuous learning and information sharing. Some of our workshops are provided by external sources, some are internal; provided by colleges, who have special knowledge to share.

Past subjects have been:

  • Zend Framework Workshop (PHP workshop in Dortmund)
  • Sencha / ExtJS training course
  • PHP Conference (Amsterdam, 2012)
  • Android training course
  • Mobile Development Conference (Amsterdam, 2012)
  • Interface Design in the Digital Age (ADCD, Berlin, 2013)
  • Advanced Illustrator Acadamy (In-house, 2-day Workshop, 2013)
  • Webdesign Tips and Tricks (Current themes, every 2 weeks)
  • IT Security (ongoing)
  • Data Protection and Business Continuity Management
  • Backup Strategies & Current Technologies (In-house, 4-day Workshop)
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code (ongoing)
  • Velocity Web Performance und Operations Conference (Barcelona, 2015)
  • FITC (Amsterdam, 2015)
  • SXSW Interactive (Austin, Texas, 2015)
  • Mobile Tech Conference (Munich, 2015)
  • CineEurope (Barcelona, 2015)
  • Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (San Francisco, 2015)
  • UX WEEK (San Francisco, 2015)