“You can’t live for a long time in a really beautiful city – it takes all your longing away.”

-Elias Canetti

Duisburg is a city of records. Largest inland port in the world. Nowhere in Europe produces as much steel as here. Because that had also been the case before, no city in two world wars has been so much fought over and destroyed as Duisburg. What remained of the historic buildings was then systematically demolished in order to rebuild and, as one then thought, create a modern city. Today Duisburg is, by many criteria, one of the poorest cities in Germany, including the former East Germany.

Old industries and new developments, problem areas and fantastic office locations, decline and recovery: upheaval wherever you look. There are lots of people who would find such contrasts extremely daunting. We find them fascinating.

Part of that is because Duisburg is an outstanding business location, lying at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr, at the heart of the largest metropolitan region in Europe with more than 10 million inhabitants, and with an exceptionally varied and exciting cultural landscape. It’s just 15 minutes to Düsseldorf Airport, large enough to offer regular direct flights to every major European city, but still compact enough so that it takes just ten minutes to get from the car park to the gate. And Duisburg’s main railway station connects with all the main lines in northwest Europe. And the motorway network is denser than in Los Angeles.

But, above all, it’s the type of people here that we value, of which we are a part: open, unpretentious, down-to-earth, international and with plenty of ‘get up and go’. This is how we want to be. Which is why we chose to locate in this city. There’s lots to do here!