Agency for digital transformation

In 1995 this might have seemed an unlikely place for digital transformation, when Apple itself had only just moved out of the garage. We decided to locate in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ruhr District and Duisburg, between the rivers Rhine and Ruhr. And we’ve never regretted it.

As befits our location: this is where we build digital applications – aiming high and down-to-earth.


Different Nationalities


m2 of diversity


Multinational business


Very large kitchen

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Talented People

42 %
are women
93 %
have flexible working hours
< 2 %

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of blood, sweat and fun!
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Our customers

Large but not huge companies and small and medium sized enterprises, but everything that’s of real importance for every company in terms of their digital transformation and online communication. They appreciate us for our planning which generates innovation and also for our reliable implementation and support.

20 years of digital transformation

Krankikom´s history is rich in innovation.

Once upon a time the internet was a wee babe, and Krankikom was producing some of the first German websites. This was the year 1995. Since then we have produced over 650 Websites, Apps, and software applications.